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Pastor Christopher A. Bourne

Christopher A. Bourne (known affectionately as 'Pastor Chris') has been the proud pastor of Bethlehem Church in Pasadena, California since 2002. His bold, uncompromising teaching of God’s word, has challenged men and women to give their hearts to the Lord, become better servants of God, and to positively impact their homes and communities. 

Pastor Chris has received degrees from Citrus College, and graduated with honors from Vanguard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion (with emphasis in Ministry and Leadership). Because of his vision and commitment to further the Gospel, Pastor Chris has taught and served in a variety of strategic leadership positions and as an adjunct professor at The Southern California School of Ministry. Pastor Chris serves as the Executive Director of Bethlehem Community Development Center, which services youth in education, empowerment, career and shelter. He also serves as the Chairman of the Associated Churches of Christ Holiness Board of Elders and on the executive board of the Clergy Community Coalition. 

Pastor Chris works tirelessly with the Missions and Evangelism department of the Bethlehem Church to make a powerful impact on the Pasadena community and as far as the continent of Africa. Some ventures include feeding and clothing the less fortunate, providing resources for under privileged families and children, supporting ministries such as; Save the Children, Azusa Pacific Universities Missions and the National Churches of Christ Holiness Foreign Missions program and many others.  

We are excited for Pastor Chris as he has written his first book; Man of The Month.  

How to describe Pastor Chris

  • A gifted and dynamic communicator of the word of God
  • Passionate about people and serving his community 

What he’s really good at

Being relatable to people of all ages, sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Chris has a gift that evokes both humor and conviction. 

Something cool about Pastor Chris

As a co-host radio personality, Pastor Chris has ministered to thousands of listeners over the airways of KJLH Radio 102.3 FM on Sunday nights “POWER HOUR.”  “Pastor C” (as he is known by his radio audience) is thankful to have had a platform to share God’s word while also empowering the community with available resources to enhance their lives. 

What he cherishes – He loves his family with his whole heart (His beautiful wife, Heather, and their two young children, Savannah and Chris Jr.) He is an excellent example to all husbands and fathers.

What he is passionate about – People! Pastor Chris’ love for God beams from within as he represents God’s Kingdom.  Whether he is meeting with the Chief of Police, Mayor of Pasadena, at our schools, or simply at the local barbershop, Pastor Chris’ love for God and His people is undeniable.  Pastor Chris’ philosophy is taken from the scripture; John 9:4; “I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day…”


 - Until Christ Returns, Our Mission Remains!


First Lady Heather Bourne

The First Lady of the Bethlehem Church Pasadena is truly a godly woman with a giving heart. Born to the world on June 5th as Heather L. Hodges, God had already orchestrated this woman to begin her walk of purpose and destiny at an early age. Lady Heather's steps were ordered from the Motor City (Detroit, MI), to a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia, to the glamour lights of Los Angeles, California where she met and married Pastor Christopher A. Bourne. Lady Heather received an AA degree in Communications from Los Angeles Community College as well as studied at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. with emphasis in Journalism. Since moving to Los Angeles, Lady Heather has pursued careers in acting and hosting. She has appeared on shows such as: Disney's Sister Sister, UPN's The Parkers and Girlfriends, hosted  red carpet events for the television shows  “Urban Inspiration” and "Extreme Praise," ( both Faith-based programs which included a mixture of gospel guest artists, praise dancers, chart topping Christian videos, and Bible Jeopardy. ) In addition to her professional career, Lady Heather lends her services and talents to many areas. She is an active member of Bethlehem's Women's Ministry, the proud head of the Children’s Church Ministry,  geared to teach the word of God in a way that relates to everyday life experience. “Our goal is to encourage and guide young men and women to the heart of God.” She also enjoys performance based ministry, working with the Performance & Theater arts troupe at Bethlehem.  Lady Heather is also an active member of Helping Hands Ministry, (a prayer partner mail correspondence ministry and fellowship with incarcerated men and women). While obligations to professional and ministerial commitments are of great importance, Lady Heather ensures that her other covenant relationships are well maintained. Her joy and divine purpose is in serving God 1st and loving her husband, Pastor Chris , Daughter - Savannah and Chris Jr. .